Why we it, how we do it, and how we look damn good doing it too (see below).
It starts
with why.

We built a company to help the dreamers, leaders and change makers.

At the heart of Lucky Duck there is a simple idea; empower businesses, big or small, to drive forward and disrupt the technology industry.
We’ve seen what’s out there and we think it can be done better. Be it design, development, or digital strategy — we’re here to build the next tech unicorn, give users the best experiences possible, and innovate.
All that complicated stuff. We keep it simple.

Helping startups follow best practice, and helping big businesses innovate like startups

When you hire Lucky Duck, you are partnering with a tried and tested team of experts who are passionate about strategy, design, and development.
But thats only half the story. We don’t know your business like you do. Only through collaboration we can create great work that is truly tailored to your business.
We strive to understand each business we support like the founders themselves; a shared vision, a clear roadmap, and an eye on the future.
How our approach is different
  • Face to face collaboration
  • Product strategy experts
  • Passion over profit
  • No busy work
  • Transparent and bullshit free
  • Detail orientated

We design, build, and grow websites and apps that are beautiful, easy to use, and deliver great results.


Design Sprints
Our Values

Strategy first

Our projects take time and money. We take our clients investment seriously.
At the start of every project we set clear goals together and create a blueprint for maximimum ROI.
We don’t create art, we build for purpose and it just so happens to be beautiful.

Entrepreneurial Mindset

We’re down to get scrappy.
By combining our expertise and an entrepreneurial mindset together.
We find simple solutions to complex problems.
Occum’s Razor: All things considered, the simplest solution is often the best.

Passion for our craft

When you hire Lucky Duck you are working with a passionate set of individuals who eat, sleep, breathe, technology.
With our work, we are always trying to push the envelope further.
We get excited by solving problems and we can’t wait to help you solve yours.
Stats are always cool.
Heres some numbers we wrote down, about the stuff that we do.
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