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17 December
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How motion can increase user engagement in your app

Create an engaging app!
Elizabeth Kukusheva
Marketing Manager

‘App Engagement is the New Black’

That was the name of one of the presentations at DevSummit 2016. During his talk, Niko Schröer, Business Development Manager at Google Play, explained why engagement is such a big deal. Today his perspective is not only valid but more relevant than ever.

Why is app engagement crucial?

The competition is HUGE! Thousands of apps are released every day. That is why when we design and build a new app, we always think in advance. Not only should it be beautiful and user-friendly but also intriguing.

Expectations are also huge. Users expect far more from your app today than they did ten years ago. Both designers and developers are exploring new ways to encourage customers, not only to download but to spend more time on apps.

People have countless options but limited storage space on their phones. That is why they are looking for something unique.

How to make your app more engaging?

Simplify and explain the onboarding process, encourage communications with your clients, create compelling notifications - these are some of the many ways to boost clients' engagement. However, let's dive a bit deeper and explore the role of motion graphics and how can it be beneficial.

How is motion design successful in boosting user engagement?

Attracts attention The human brain best perceives information through motion. In other words, when something is in movement, we are more likely to pay attention to it. That is a huge plus, however, everything in moderation. Excessive movement can be distracting and can divert user attention.

When used correctly, motion can boost viewing time, and therefore increase engagement.

Tells a story Through motion, you can showcase your product, explain its features, and tell a story to your customers in an intriguing way. Moreover, you will be able to guide their focus and divert them to the essential sections of the app. Whether it’s a CTA button, a promotion, or a new feature, you can delight your clients using motion graphics.

On top of that, using motion graphics increases user flow, and therefore encourages your clients to take specific actions. Researcher Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi explains more details about that specific mental state in his book Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience.

Helps stay relevant Devices and software have developed rapidly over the last few years. That motivates digital agencies to explore new ideas to keep up with industry trends.

Users enjoy creative ways of receiving information. But what they appreciate even more is if you show empathy to their time and explain your app functionalities in a friendly way.

Including animation to explain a difficult concept can make a difference for your app.

Here is an example. This is a dating app that we have recently worked on. The confetti and fan out of the photos turns the reveal into a magic moment and also encourages you to browse and see there other photos and continue to message your match.


Motion is a powerful tool essential for most apps. Using animations and transitions is visually appealing and easily attracts users’ attention. Relevant motions can portray your brand identity.

Let customers know your products and services better and create a great first impression. Present your service in a fun and thoughtful way so that potential clients will enjoy the time spent on your app, which will naturally lead to an increase in conversions.

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