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Good UX is good business

UX design is about making complex things simple.

Industry leaders like Amazon, Apple, and UBER have disrupted their entire sectors with their use of innovative user experience design.

Forester’s 2018 Research shows that, on average, every dollar invested in UX brings 100 dollars in return. That’s an almost unprecedented ROI of 9,900 percent.

UX design
Our service is built on four pillars of excellence
we deliver to our clients.


Innovation rarely is about creating something entirely new, it’s a process of finetuning and modernising an out of date product or industry.

Through a thorough process of analysis of competitors, industry leaders, and silicon valley startups we create detailed customer personas for your business so we are targeting your message to the optimal prospects.

UX Design

We focus on optimising the user journey and user interface to maximise conversion rate, increase user retention, and align creativity with the project business goals.

Following our research phase, we start with simple sketching and low fidelity wireframes. These are quickly turned into interactive prototypes; effeciently using space and prioritising intuitive content display.

UI Design

Here we aim to create an emotional impact for your users via the visual elements of your project. With our detailed understanding of user psychology, we develop intuitive design principles to promote specific behaviours and create a frictionless experience for your users.

Our designers will create high-fidelity motion compositions and animations so the developers know exactly how your website or app will interact.

Design Thinking

We always start our projects with face-to-face design thinking and collaboration workshops. We find it best to step away from the screen and come together with our clients in person so our goals are aligned.

Rapid testing and iterations play a major part in making sure we move seamlessly into the build phase giving you total confidence that our solutions will deliver.

UX Design
UI Design
Design Thinking
A different way of doing things.
We took the agency rule book, tore it up, and changed the game. Using discovery exercises, an agile workflow, user testing, and rock solid development standards we deliver success for all of our projects like only Lucky Duck can.
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In the end, what matters is a great product and a great experience for your users. That’s what we deliver.

Now that you’ve heard from us, we have prepared a few case studies for you. Here’s where we put our money where our mouth is.

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UX Design


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